Pixel: A real-time, multiplayer, pixel placing battle.

Round 1 is free to play for everyone. The first 50 player passes are now available for purchase via LoopExchange.

Pixel: A real-time, multiplayer, pixel placing battle.

Additional Information

What is Pixel?

Inspired by the internet’s greatest art war (AKA r/place), Pixel is a giant, open canvas that allows anyone and everyone to place one colored pixel every 60 seconds. Each round of Pixel lasts for 30 days and at the end of each round the canvas is wiped clean for the community to start a fresh art battle.

How many colors are available?

For the first round, we’ll be starting with the following 32 colors. We’ll also be swapping out the entire color palette between each round.

What are player passes?

While Pixel is currently free to play, running the game is not, so we’ve created these unique NFT player passes to help offset the server and development costs associated with running the game. Each round of Pixel will last 30-days and once a round has ended we’ll take a snapshot of the master canvas and airdrop the final piece of community artwork to all wallets holding a player pass. 

Are there any other benefits to owning a player pass?

Yep! After a round has ended we’ll also be taking a snapshot of all wallets that currently hold our player passes and we’ll airdrop a bonus interactive NFT into 10% of those holder’s wallets. The winning wallets will be drawn randomly. We’re also working on a token-gated version of this game where verified player pass holders will have access to additional colors in their pixel palette. However, that feature is still being built so it will not be available during round 1. 

How many player passes are there?

Currently we’ve minted 50 unique, 1 of 1, player passes which will become available via LoopExchange starting Friday, January 6th.

How often will additional player passes be minted?

We plan to mint an additional 50 player passes per round through the first 12 rounds for a total of 600 player passes during 2023. However, we will not mint any additional player passes until the previous batch of 50 has sold out.

Do I need to own a player pass to play Pixel?

Nope! Pixel is currently free to play for everyone which means you can place pixels without owning a player pass. If you’d prefer to play Pixel without making a contribution towards further game development or hosting costs that’s perfectly fine. In that case, please click here to play for free.

How often can I place a pixel?

Currently the game is rate-limited to one pixel per player per minute, so you’ll be able to place a new pixel every 60-seconds.

What personal data are you collecting?

We do not collect any personal information about you while you’re playing this game, however we do track a few anonymized data points which include;

  1. How many players are currently playing the game. This information is displayed in the lower right corner of the game while you’re playing.
  2. An aggregate count of how many total pixels were placed during the round by all players. This information is not displayed within the game.

How much does it cost to run this game?

For Pixel’s database we currently have a dedicated auto-scaling cluster running on Cloud.MongoDB which starts around $60/mo and will support up to 1,500 concurrent connections (active players). The game server is hosted with Railway.app and we’re anticipating a similar $60/mo bill from them as well. Depending on how popular this game becomes, these costs will increase from that baseline. The initial development and deployment costs were $600 for this game. All proceeds from player pass purchases will go towards paying that monthly hosting bill and allow us to keep this game online.

Where can I find answers to another question?

Whether you have another question or if you’d simply like to provide some feedback to us we’d love to connect with you!
In that case, please send an email to our interactive NFT customer support team and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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